The Process

Thank You for Your Interest in an Bluebery Fashion Retail Franchise!

We are the #1 Multi Brand’s Retail franchise for good reason! Below is an overview of our process which provides everything you need to make an informed decision on your journey with us!

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Schedule a Introductory Call

We are the #1 Multi Brand’s Retail franchise for good reason! Below is an overview of our process which provides everything you need to make an informed decision on your journey with us!

A call with Our Founder

Ken Petersen will share some history over his past 20+ years in industries, his vision for the future and his philosophy about franchising. He will answer any questions generated from your discovery process and be available through your diligence as new questions come up.

Financial Application and DISC profile

After the Founder call, we send you a DISC Profile and an Application to complete. When completed, your DISC profile report helps us get to know you better. You will receive the same report that we do (at no cost to you) and it’s always fun to discuss how close they are to describing you from your perspective. The Application does not involve running a credit or background check, but does help us determine how to proceed to our next steps.Don’t want to wait for the Founder call to fill out an application? Click Here

Informational Emails

Following the Introductory and Founder calls, you will receive a series of emails that reinforce what was discussed as well as provide additional information. The topics cover:

Training – Pre & Post-opening

Location, location, location…it really is that important!

Showroom construction – Plans, buildout options, fixtures, plan-o-gram

Technology – POS, tech support, private intranet resources, social media & more

Buying – Open to Buy, merchandise planning, vendor network & discounts

Staffing – Hiring, orientation, training & staff development

Visual merchandising standards & support

In-house marketing agency – Collateral, promos, digital content, strategies & more.

Ongoing support – Conferences, webinars and Seasonal Planning and much more!

DISC Profile and Application Review

After we receive your completed DISC profile and Application, we schedule a 2nd call with our Founder to review the items together. After we determine that there is both a financial pathway for you as well as fit within the Bluebery Fashion Retail family, then the next step is to schedule a video call with our President of Retail.

A call with Our Founder

Our Founder of Retail will share with you more valuable insights about our franchise, including our training and on boarding process, discuss potential markets that would be suitable for opening an Bluebery Fashion Retail, and assure from both your perspective and ours that we have a good fit. Once agreed, he delivers the good news that you have been awarded an Open License for an Bluebery Fashion franchise! You will then be sent a formal offer and remit the Open License fee.

Market Tour

Because the right location for your store is so important, we come out to meet you in person, in your market. We send our President of Retail, our Founder or our national real estate broker. We prepare in advance by researching location opportunities, obtaining center sales, and scheduling appointments with leasing representatives that we will tour together. You will learn much more about locations during this important day together.

Real Estate

After our Market Tour, we meet internally with our team to review everything we have learned about you and the market. We revisit with the landlords and share that you are an interested franchisee as we negotiate a Letter of Intent (LOI) on typically multiple locations. Nothing gets sent to a potential Landlord without your prior approval


Once the LOI is finalized and a lease has been requested, the balance of your franchise becomes due. A comprehensive turnover is sent to our support team, which is the official launch into your opening process. You will be assigned a project coordinator who will prepare a comprehensive countdown chart that will include every detail needed to get your store open on time (setting up your corporation, filing for a resale license, buying product, ordering computers, hiring staff, and more). You will meet on the phone and with video conference with our support team regularly to keep you comfortably updated and on track for your grand opening.