The Opportunity


THE # 1Multi Brands’S Cloth Retail

Being a leading apparel multi-brand retail, Bluebery fashion with a zeal to grow substantially and a mission to setup a fashion empire in textile industries .Bluebery Fashion is all set to open over 400 stores by 2025. We believe to remodelling the vogue of India in utmost flawless manner

Retailing the best cloth

Showcases a wide range of apparels & accessories for men, women & kids. The trendy design and embroideries in these outfits are quite eye-catching has consistently offering complete Value for money to the shoppers through its large Variety of Smart, Trendy, Fashionable apparels across categories under one roof.

A Truly Unique Franchise Opportunity
  • Stock will be provide 1.5 times on your deposit amount.
  • Current IT system, billing software, ERP & CRM will be provided.
  • Site selection & Interior support provided on terms basis.
  • Visual merchandise management support.
  • Retail planning & store operation support.
  • Have a standard franchise agreement.
  • Term of a franchise agreement is 2 years.
  • Agreement terms renewable.
  • Advertisement & Promotion assistance available.
  • A very favourable royalty fee @ 5% / you Buying & Reselling
  • Stock exchange @ 30% on every quarter basis.
  • Per Day sales amount transferred company account daily basis.
  • Your commission will be reimbursement basis on 15 days.
  • Lacking Stock inventory filled will be basis on each 10 days.

You may sell your showroom at any time after opening, provided by company support.

Small business franchise, Cheapest franchise to start, Low cost franchise opportunity,
Disclaimer: Bluebery Fashion clothing Retail franchise opportunities require with business partner hard working, ambition, passion, and a drive to succeed with Franchise partner with own risk & own Cost. Bluebery India Pvt Ltd will be not responsible or bounded any risk involvement of its business like return of investment, expenditure of running cost, benefits and losses of business.
Small business franchise, Cheapest franchise to start, Low cost franchise opportunity,
Are You the Right Fit for Bluebery Fashion?

Fit is important to us. All clothing Retail franchise opportunities require hard work, ambition, passion, and a drive to succeed. We look for these qualities—and a few more—in each of our prospective franchisees. The Bluebery Fashion Retail franchise opportunity offers you the chance to expand your horizons, use your skills, and accomplish something new, all while following your dream of business ownership and your passion for fashion.

As an Bluebery Fashion clothing Retail franchise owner, you’ll be operating a beautiful and inviting business where Men, women and Kids can shop, enjoy each other’s company, and bond over shared interests. Our Retail offer more than just beautiful clothing and accessories to the communities they serve —they foster kinship and togetherness.

Do you have what it takes to be part of the Bluebery Fashion family? We think you just might!