An Affordable Franchise!



Starting From An Affordable Cost

Our initial franchise investment an affordable cost and Showroom interior is incredibly affordable at just especially when you consider all the resources that we provide, from training to technology and everything in between.

The initial investment range includes everything you will need to open your doors such as store design, inventory, furniture and fixtures, equipment, site selection and leasing consultant, on-site training, and in-store merchandising.

The Investement

Bluebery Fashion has changed the face of the clothing franchise world. Our affordable franchise gives our franchisees the freedom to choose the inventory they sell, the training to show them how to succeed, and the support to help them through every obstacle. An investment in Bluebery Fashion is not just an investment in the growing fast fashion industry, it is a commitment to a way of life that fosters strength and independence.

Type of Store & Investment

Franchise Opportunity Type
Type One Store
For Men or women Cloth
Type Two Store
For Men-women-kids Cloth & Accessories
Exclusive Store
For Exclusive Store (Men-women-kids Cloth & Accessories)
Space Required
300-500 SF
600-1000 SF
1500- 2500 SF
Franchise /Brand Fee
50,000 + GST
50,000 + GST
50,000 + GST
Interior Cost
Approx. 2,50,000
Approx. 7,50,000
Products Inventory
5 L – 12 L
10 L – 15 L
12 L – 22 L
Total Investment
8 L – 15 L
15 L – 20 L
20 L – 30 L
Projected Sales (PM)
5 L
10 L
15 L
Anticipated percentage including GST

Your Dream

Bluebery Fashion’s brand strength is obvious in every facet of what we do. Take advantage of our exclusive buyers who hand select each style, our proprietary software systems that help you run your business efficiently, and our partnerships with other companies that make technology easy and investing fun. Our brand can offer you what no one else can: the chance to own your own business in the fashion industry, helping your customers find the clothes they love, and instilling confidence in yourself, your employees, and your customers.
Take the leap. Invest in yourself. Invest in retail